During your pregnancy, you will see your health care practitioner several times. The majority of pregnant women will have approximately 15 pre natal visits. You will visit your midwife or doctor every four weeks throughout the first and second trimester, until the 36th week, you will be seen once every two weeks and then once a week until you give birth. This article will focus on what to expect during your prenatal visits.

Your First Visit

As soon as you find out that you are pregnant you will need to schedule an appointment with your family physician, obstetrician or midwife. If you don’t have a midwife, it is imperative that you locate a pregnancy caregiver so that you can begin your prenatal care. You can always change to another caregiver once you have found one that you are comfortable with.  The majority of health care providers will schedule your first visit during your eighth week. If you suffer from a medical condition, are experiencing symptoms such as severe nausea, abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding if you have had any problems during pregnancy in the past it is likely that you will be seen sooner.

Your first visit will be the longest, it is designed to determine your overall health and confirm your pregnancy. In addition, the visit will alert your healthcare practitioner to any risks associated with the pregnancy, you will be given an estimate of your due date. You will be asked about previous surgeries, pregnancies and medical conditions. During this time you will also need to notify your provider of any medications you are currently taking.

Second Trimester Prenatal  Visit

Your second trimester visit will take place during the 14th and 27th week of your pregnancy. Your practitioner will begin by reviewing information from your previous visit and inform you of the results of any tests that you may have taken. Your practitioner will ask you questions such as whether or not you have felt the baby move, if you have experienced any vaginal bleeding or spotting, and whether you have experienced any early contractions.

Third Trimester Prenatal  Visit

Your third trimester visit takes place between the 28th week and the end of your pregnancy. From the 28th to the 36th week, you will have a checkup every two weeks and then once a week until you give birth. These visits will be quick, but it is important that you go not only to monitor your health but also to monitor the health of your baby. During these visits, your practitioner will weigh you, check your blood pressure, and measure your stomach to ensure that there are no abnormalities in the growth of your child.