Hair is one of the first things we notice about other people, but what can you do to help improve the health of your own locks? Whether you’re worried about greasy and oily hair, dry hair or damaged hair that hasn’t had a good conditioning in a long time, here are the things you can do to give your hair the best chances.


Buy the right shampoo

Don’t buy the cheapest shampoo or the one your friend just recommended to you. Take the time to work out what type of shampoo your hair needs, since the incorrect type could damage your hair further or simply not have the desired effects. If your hair is dry, don’t buy shampoo which is intended to thin out the oils in your hair. Just because something is on offer in the drug store doesn’t mean you should buy it. Ask your hairdresser what type of shampoo your hair needs, and look for products which fit this criteria. Try out a salon shampoo rather than a high street or supermarket product, since these are generally of a much higher quality.


Be careful with extensions and other accessories

Your hair might look great when you’ve added extra touches to it, but make sure you’re using products and accessories which are safe for your hair and not doing any extra damage. Back combing, for example, is a popular method of creating more volume, but if you do it too much, it can cause your hair to rip and split. If you want to extend the length of your hair, go to a salon and get real hair extensions fitted professional which won’t do damage in the long run.


Use heat protection and limit the amount of heat you use

One of the leading causes of hair damage is using heat products far too often. If straightening your hair is a daily occurrence for you, make sure you are using a good heat protection spray or cream before you get to work. Avoid over-straightening your hair as this will cause it to get thinner and become more brittle and prone to damage. Invest in a quality heat protection product that will create a barrier and give your hair the best possible chances of avoiding damage during straightening and curling.


Use a weekly deep conditioner

Not everybody does this, as it takes effort and dedication, but remembering to deep condition your hair once a week can work wonders. Some treatments are meant to be left in overnight, so the product will start working while you’re asleep. Others can be left on for 15-20 minutes and then rinsed off with lukewarm or cool water. Getting into this habit will provide a quick way of getting healthy and shiny hair, and as long as you’re buying products which are right for your hair type, you shouldn’t experience any problems and your hair will be able to grow (literally!) from strength to strength.