There are many reasons why you might be considering getting breast implants. Perhaps you’re not happy with the size of your breasts, and are hoping to go up a few cup sizes to improve your figure. Maybe you are suffering with micromastia, a condition where the breast tissue is underdeveloped, leaving the patient with unusually small breasts or in some cases, a flat chest. Or, you could be living with breasts that are asymmetrical and want to have implants to finally even out your figure and boost your self esteem. Whatever your reason for thinking about getting a breast augmentation procedure done, here are some of the main things to consider before you go under the knife.

The Price

Firstly, it’s important to make sure that you consider the breast implants Melbourne price before you make such a huge decision for your body and health. Having breast implants does not come cheap, and is likely to cost you at least a few thousand dollars depending on the type of implants that you choose and the specific procedure that you go for. However, bear in mind that it’s always worth paying a little more to make sure that you see a surgeon who is highly skilled and experienced in their field; if the price that you have been quoted for breast implants seems far too good to be true, then it probably is.


As with any surgical procedure, it’s good to be aware that having breast augmentation surgery is going to require at least some recovery time. Since you will be having surgery on your breasts, then it’s important to make sure that you don’t put them under any undue strain for at least a couple of weeks after your procedure. It’s also advisable to wear a special recovery bra; this will help your new breasts stay in place and heal properly during the first few days or weeks after your operation. You’ll need to know that you’ll be able to take time from work to recover and clear your schedule of anything too strenuous for at least 5-7 days after the procedure, if not more.

Possible Complications

Whilst most breast augmentation procedures go fairly well with little to worry about for the patient afterwards, it’s always good to be aware of any potential complications that could arise. Adverse reactions to breast implants do happen, which is why it’s essential to speak to your consultant beforehand and rule out any allergies, for example. Bear in mind that your first breast augmentation procedure is unlikely to be your last one; many women need to go back under the knife in the future since implants may need replacing, along with other factors such as weight loss or pregnancy which can change the shape and size of your breasts and leave you needing extra work done.


Finally, before booking an appointment with your consultant to start the procedure for a breast augmentation surgery, be sure that this is something that you want to commit to. Although breast implants can be removed later, this isn’t always advisable since extra surgeries can lead to unnecessary health risk. It’s always best to be sure about what you want before you begin.