Even though there are numerous good detoxification programs available, many are difficult to incorporate into your day to day life. Today we’ll detail a simple detox plan, that you should be able to easily adapt your lifestyle too.

Water, Fruits & Vegetables

Look to consume lots of fruit and vegetables. You should also eat plenty of nuts, beans, whole grains and lean meats. If you can, try to find those foods that have been naturally processed, without the use of any harmful chemicals or treatments.

Drink enough water (mixed with fresh lemon juice if you prefer) to equal half of your body weight per week. This is a minimum, though, and you should drink as much water as you feel able to.
Stay away from alcoholic beverages, refined sugar and caffeine products like coffee and chocolate. Sweeteners like agave nectar, stevia and honey are acceptable, but not artificial sweeteners since these contain toxins.


Supplement, Exercises

Take a fiber supplement, such as psyllium or flax (which can both be found in the health food aisle of most grocery stores) in the evening before going to sleep. Each capsule should contain about five to eight grams of fiber and should not have any food colorings or sugar added. Exercise on a regular basis to improve your blood circulation. Half an hour to an hour of exercise 3-5 times a week is recommended, but if you are just starting out, begin slow and build up to this goal.


Baths & Saunas

Take hot salt baths and saunas as they will help toxins sweat themselves out of your body. Remember to drink additional water before, during and after taking them to prevent dehydration. Anyone can follow this easy and inexpensive detoxing your body plan, and set themselves on the road to good health by doing so. Really, you have no excuse not to. By delaying or making excuses, you’re only putting your long-term health in danger. So, why not begin now? You’ll start feeling healthier and more energetic within a week!

It is also important that to detoxify the body you must lead a less stressed life and that includes both emotionally and physically stress-free living. You should also start practicing hydrotherapy which means taking hot showers for about five minutes a few times in the day. You must let water flow down your back and then turn to cold water showering for about half a minute. Alternating like this thrice can provide excellent results and after the shower is sure to spend about half an hour in a bed.

Sitting in a sauna and producing a lot of body perspiration is another effective means of detoxifying your body. In fact, there is more to learn in regard to detoxing your body and so be sure to understand how using detoxifying patches, as well as detox foot spas and even foot baths, can provide good results. In addition, try to do yoga and other exercises that too will help in detoxifying your body.