Like finding a general practitioner, surgeon or other specialist in your area, you might need to find a doctor that is going to be your go-to as a female. But, if you are just starting out, where to find one? Your mom, older sister, aunt or grandmother could offer some advice on the subject, but you need to find comfort with the person that you are going to consult for medical and life advice. If no via the Internet, with some detailed searches across Google and other engines, then you need to consider other options for your own sake.


Your local hospital

They’ll have a solid pool of resources available to you, so ask at the reception desk for their detailed list of options. Presumably, each choice will come with its own list of credentials, qualifications and background for you to look through and decide. If the first one does not work for you, or the second, then go through the third, fourth, fifth and so on. You can never be too detailed or careful in offering your due diligence and doing your correct homework. From there, you can come to a final decision – and be happy with it.

Word of mouth

As previously stated your mother, aunt, grandmother, older or younger sister – or even a close friend or two – would probably know a gynaecologist Melbourne and surrounds deems to be the best to go to. It would be good practice to take the time to hear the stories and insights of others. Remember, throughout, to balance their subjectivity with your objectivity – and at the end of the stories, you’ll be able to fashion one of your own – and perhaps pay it forward to another female in your near future that is going to be in a similar scenario to you.

Your medical cover

Whatever scheme you are with, from Geelong and Adelaide to Canberra and Darwin, if they are worth their value and live up to their vision and mission statements, they should be willing to advise you on the best way forward. If not, you can ask plenty of questions of their integrity. Like your local hospital, they too should have a group of gynaecologists ready to be beckoned and called by them. In a private or professional capacity, hopefully, they’ll be willing to jump to the task at hand – in this case you and your womanly needs and requirements.

In conclusion, whichever direction you choose to go with your ultimate choice, it’s you who need to be okay with this – not those who have pushed you or prompted elsewhere. You’ll be the one baring all- physically and emotionally – to the doctor who is willing to help you through the joys and trials of being a young or old female. So, yes, again, to reiterate, take your time – and even shop around a bit. Go to one, then the other, then back to the original one – and so forth – to be absolutely and undeniably happy with what you are going to pay good money for.