Getting your children to do anything can be a nightmare. Asking them to look after their own health can sometimes seem like a crazy ask. However, you should get your kids in the habit of looking after themselves from an early age. While it might be your job as a parent to look after them for a large chunk of their lives, it will certainly make them more responsible (and you less agitated!) if you can teach them the basics as soon as possible.


Find a good dentist

The dentist that you are taking your children to see will make a massive difference when it comes to them looking after themselves and taking advice on board. If you’re taking your children to a family dentist Canberra who is fun and exciting and makes them feel welcome, you’ll get a much different outcome than taking them somewhere boring where they aren’t allowed to make noise and don’t feel like they can ask questions to the dentist and other dental staff. Don’t be afraid of looking at other dentists in the area for your children – you can keep the dentist that you’re happy with but you should put the best interests of your little ones first.

Make it fun

You can make looking after their teeth fun in a variety of ways. One of the best tried and tested methods is using sticker charts or star charts so that they get rewards at the end of the week or the end of the month for doing certain things. For example, they could get one star for every time they brush their teeth, and two stars for each time that they floss. You could also offer them money as a reward for cleaning their teeth every night without being asked.

Get their friends involved

Pair up with other parents at your children’s school if you want them to start thinking that looking after their teeth is the cool thing to do. If their friends are into something, there’s a much higher chance that your kids will also get on board and start doing the same thing!

Warn them against poor dental hygiene

While it should be fun and suitable for your children, you should also talk to them about the dangers of not looking after their teeth. It’s not so bad when they only have their first set of teeth which are going to fall out, but as soon as their adult teeth start coming through, you should explain the importance of looking after these since they aren’t going to naturally fall out and replace themselves with bigger, better and stronger teeth this time!

Join them!

Rather than sending them to the bathroom to brush their teeth or start flossing, make it into a family activity. If it’s something where everybody is involved and your children can see that each person has to do it, regardless of whether it’s a parent or a child, they will be more inclined to followed suit without giving you any dental problems and then get into a constant habit of doing it every day.