Having a baby is serious business. Your body has just gone through the stress of pregnancy, the hard work of labour and delivery, and now you’re faced with the task of getting back into shape while caring for a newborn. If you’ve powered through the early no-sleep weeks and are officially ready to start working on your fitness again, here are some stress-free exercise ideas to get you back in the game.


  • Strengthen your core. Your core and abdominal area can be the toughest to deal with during the postnatal period. Your muscles may have been badly stretched out and your core strength has probably diminished. Taking a reformer pilates perth class is a great way to start restoring those muscles to their optimum strength levels. It’ll ease the lingering aches and pains from your pregnancy, help you burn off unwanted fat, and build those abs of steel you’ve been dreaming about for years.


  • Get walking. A walk may not seem like proper exercise, but it can burn far more calories than you might expect. It’s also an easy way to get out of the house with your baby and get some fresh air. The rhythmic movement will soothe the baby and you’ll finally get a chance to get your heart rate up. Invest in a pedometer or fitness watch if you want to focus on walking as your primary exercise – you can set step and distance targets and see how much you’re burning compared to what you’re taking in.


  • Try a couch to 5k program. If walking isn’t enough cardio for your liking, take it up a notch with a jog. It’s tough to get into running from a low base level of fitness, but it’s simple to ramp up your progress using a couch to 5k program. You can use an app or an online guide to set time limits for alternating periods of walking and jogging, gradually increasing the amount of jogging you do on each attempt.


  • Relax with yoga. Yoga is one of the most wonderful forms of exercise available to new mums. Not only will it help you stretch and tone your muscles, it’ll also give you an opportunity to relax, focus on your breathing, and experience the me-time you may be sorely lacking during the newborn stage. Bring your baby along to a mum and baby yoga class or follow videos from your living room while the baby naps.


  • Start strength training. Not everyone loves cardio. For some mums, building up strength with weight lifting is far more fun. Strength training isn’t just for the boys – it’ll tone you up while helping you burn more fat if you get your balance of food and exercise on point. Some gyms offer childcare facilities for little ones, or you can buy some dumbbells and give weights a try from home.


  • Dance it off. Dancing is a fun and freeing way to burn calories. Group classes are best if you want to meet some new people while you work up a sweat, but you can just as easily blast some music in your living room and give it a go on your own. Don’t be afraid to look silly – it’s all about enjoying fitness and yourself, taking care of your body.