Has it happened with you that in the heat of the moment you have got yourself a tattoo? It could have been a spur of the moment decision to declare your undying love for someone. Or, it could be a spontaneous urge to fit in with the crowd around you, or for you to feel good or to celebrate some occasion. However, often these decisions made on a whim end up making you cringe with regret. The tattoo could be something you did not want or it can be the design that has gone wrong. Sometimes, you might get inked with your lover’s name and unfortunately when things do not work out between the two of you, the tattoo remains like a painful reminder.

Also big tattoos in places, such as the entire arm or neck or calf, do not create a positive impression at work. Especially, in the corporate world or in jobs where you have to meet and interact with the public in general on a daily basis, these tattoos do not look good.

How to remove unwanted tattoos? 
Whatever the reason might be for you to regret your tattoo, what will you do about it? One solution could be to apply concealer and cover it up. But this could be a laborious and painstaking process that will have to be repeated daily. Also, what about covering the tattoos in inaccessible places? Another juvenile solution suggested by some is to rub sandpaper on to the tattoos. This can be painful and damage the skin as well. The best solution is to opt for laser removal and given the competitive laser tattoo removal prices it is worth every penny. Laser procedures for removing the unwanted tattoos have the advantages of being effective along with minimal pain. The procedure might take a couple of sittings depending on the type of tattoo but it removes the tattoo almost completely.

Skin care tips after the removal of tattoo 
The laser procedure to remove the tattoo is one of the safest and least painful. However, after the procedure a few pointers are to be followed to care for the skin. The care is essential in order to prevent infections to the skin as well as stay clear of side effects that might arise.These tips for skin care include –

  • The application of a healing cream as recommended by the clinic on the affected part to avoid further infections.
  • Staying away from the shower or avoiding a bath till 24 hours post the treatment procedure.
  • Avoiding the urge to touch, scratch or pick the treated area of skin and also the skin around it.
  • Avoiding exposure to flowing water on the skin for the next two-three days post the treatment. This includes avoiding standing under direct pressure of water in a shower or a bath, avoiding swimming pools and hot saunas. This is because excess water or moisture can delay the healing of the wound or the scab.
  • Avoiding direct exposure of the wound to the sunlight. Also, while stepping out in the sun, apply a sunscreen of a SPF greater than or equal to 50. Additionally, keep the affected area covered while stepping out in the sun. Also, avoid applying can sun tanners to the area.
  • In case of inflammation to the wound or discomfort, a cold compress can be applied along with keeping the affected area on an elevation.

These are few skincare tips to allow for quick recovery after tattoo removal sans any infection