Pregnancy may be a special, beautiful time in a woman’s life, but there’s no avoiding the fact that it can also come with its fair share of troubles. From the early days of morning (or all day) sickness to the aches and pains of late pregnancy, these 9 months can be filled with tough challenges. Luckily, there are plenty of products and tricks that can help you overcome the tough side of pregnancy so you can enjoy the wonderful experience of nurturing a precious new life.


Regular foot rubs:

There’s nothing like the feeling of taking your shoes off of those swollen feet and getting a proper foot rub after a long day when you’re pregnant, especially once you’re carrying a seriously big bump around with you all the time. If your husband isn’t up to the task of keeping up with your aching soles, now is the time to grab yourself a relaxing foot massager so you can get the relief you desperately need as soon as you get home.  

Anti-nausea remedies:

Nausea is a common issue in the first trimester, but there are plenty of natural ways to tackle this discomfort. If you have severe morning sickness then prescription medication may be necessary, but milder nausea can easily be dealt with plenty of ginger tea, ginger candies to suck on throughout the day, and salty, carbohydrate-based snacks to ease that queasy stomach.

Maternity bras:

You may think you won’t need one of those complicated-looking nursing bras with the clips until your baby is born, but you’ll be so much more comfortable if you get on board with maternity and nursing bras from the early days of your pregnancy. Tender, rapidly growing breasts need soft material without a hard underwire, so get yourself some comfortable maternity and nursing bras as soon as possible.

Comfortable shoes:

You may feel super-confident in your favourite stilettos, but as your bump grows your feet will be begging for proper support. Shop around for some comfy shoes that support your body without looking frumpy. Your feet will grow slightly as your pregnancy progresses (it’s weird, but that’s okay) so expect to go a size up if you want to walk around feeling stable and comfortable until your due date.

A sleeping pillow:

As your baby gets bigger and more active, sleeping becomes more difficult. You need a good night’s rest to allow your body to do the hard work of growing a new person and to prepare yourself for the late nights to come, so invest in a comfortable and supportive pregnancy pillow that allows you to adjust your position so you can rest without aches and pains.

A maternity jeans band:

Nobody wants to go buy new jeans every few weeks, but clever blending belly bands allow you to wear the same set of jeans even as your bump stretches the waistband out. These bands can be worn under the waistband so you can unbutton without anyone noticing the difference.

Prenatal vitamins:

A nutritious and balanced diet is important, but it’s tough to get all of the right vitamins in through food alone, especially when you lead a busy life. A good-quality prenatal vitamin will ensure you and your baby get everything you need.